Thursday, May 9, 2019

For Lizzie

 We received this email from a customer:

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your page on behalf of a young lady, Lizzie, who's been volunteering with me! I've been organizing an antique fair to raise money for our local community center, and we've had a surprising amount of glass items brought in.

Lizzie has been tasked with organizing and cleaning them, and even ended up doing some research online to learn more about collectible glass! She came across your "Friends, Clubs, and Organizations" page ( ) and it's been such a huge help in getting our fair ready! The information we've found through these different organizations' websites helped me price and write descriptions for nearly all of our items.

She also found this page giving a general overview of Vaseline glass that she thought you might be interested in checking out:

It's a pretty quick read with a lot of straight-forward information. She thought you'd want to add it to your page for your other readers! Would you consider adding it for her? I see her again on Friday, and I'd love to get to show her as a thank you for all her hard work!


Our response: WOW! Lizzie is an inspiration to the antique world. And thank you Michelle for helping Lizzie along the way. 

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